CEO & Founder of the Empowered Woman Association

Sara Prescott is a Certified Self Esteem Coach, Certified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis Practitioner. Qualified Teacher in Adult Education and the Founder of the Empowered Woman Association


Before Sara founded the women empowerment business helping women heal and fall back in love with themselves, Sara spent five years designing and creating equipment for mobile beauty salons. Sara invented a product called The Compact Beauty Station which gained a patent pending status in the UK.

Sara has always had a deep purpose and drive to help women and it wasn't until her late 20's, she started to witness a societal, and cultural problem with the amount of women who were struggling with self esteem. The statistics were rising, and yet the support to counteract the statistics appeared to be lacking. Sara felt deeply passionate about creating resources centred to help women and girls on their self love journey.

After overcoming body dysmorphia disorder and being on her self love and healing journey for over ten years, Sara founded the Empowered Woman Association with the intention to raise self love consciousness on a global scale. Sara recognised the need for self love support not only in her community but in many communities and cultures across the world. After spending 10 years researching topics on human behaviour, psychology,  mindset, neuroscience, beauty culture, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and quantum physics, Sara then certified as a Life Coach and Self Esteem Coach by The Character & Self Esteem Institute.

Sara then continued to develop her knowledge by taking part in training programs hosted by World Class Coaches like Tony Robbins & Dean Graziozi, in their global movement to make self education the new norm. 

At the heart of EWA, our mission is to empower women to fall in love with themselves, so that they can raise the standards for themselves and their life, and for every woman who enters our community, to encourage other women to do the same. It is our mission, to build a global community of loving, esteemed, powerful women, so that together, we will raise self love consciousness, so that more and more women are living at their fullest, heart centred potential. 

At The Empowered Woman Association, we believe that every woman can embody the most empowered version of herself, and that she has all the power within her to change the way she feels about herself and that all she needs, is support to do so.

At EWA we pride ourselves on offering an open, loving, non judgemental space for women to feel seen, heard and respected, which encourages her to recognise her own power and to thrive. 

“Sara is clearly passionate about her work. She has been unlike any other therapist I have seen and the results have been epic in my life. As well as meeting 1hr a week she has been available throughout the week for support when needed. I have had times where I just do not know how to deal with a situation and she has been there to guide me through my issues using self improvement techniques. It has not always been easy but what doesn't challenge you doesn't change you. She has given me the skills and confidence I have needed to face new challenges and address my fears that are preventing me from moving forward. We worked on childhood issues which had been effecting my confidence and creating a pattern of behaviours. The inner child work was incredibly moving and one I often go back to. It is hard to put into words how great the experience was. Sarah was always fully engaged in our meeting and never showed any sign of judgement, I felt immediately comfortable from the minute our consultation started 3/4 months ago. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking change in their lives. I was at a low point when we first started and my relationship was under pressure due to my continued negative pattern of thinking. Sara was able to help me break this cycle and recognise the causes. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be supported by her it is truly life changing and I am now looking forward to the adventures that the future will now bring”

Nocola UK

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THANK YOU so much for your daily empowering and heart felt emails, i really enjoy reading them and draw so much strength from your personal testimonies shared. Your free resources and useful content has helped me tremendously in positively impacting my daily life, especially your Worthy Woman Manifesto which i affirm to myself daily. You are AMAZING and you're brilliant at what you do so keep being your authentic loving self as you inspire one queen at a time across the globe!

Sending love from South Africa!"

Leanne Banda

South Africa

Working with Sara has definitely been a turning point in life for me! She is patient, kind, so sweet and asks you questions that require you to dig deeper. The growth i have experienced in this short amount of time, has been amazing! Im handling high anxiety situations much better now, than before her. I find myself finding ways to be grateful in tough situations, i never did that before. Ultimately, my self-esteem has improved! Im kind to myself and consciously taking care of my mind, body and spirit! Thank you so much!!" 

Vanessa Campbell


Where do i even start, Sara has been my guardian angel, she has helped me through a really low time and has guided me to become so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin and also to have so much more self worth and self love. If any of you are going through a rough patch which we all do then reach out to Sara because i cannot tell you how much she has helped me"

Cory Bristow



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