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Self Love


In July 2020 we hosted our first sold out Women Empowerment event which was a huge success!

Women came together in a relaxed, calm and welcoming space to learn how to become a conscious observer of themselves so that they and learn how to transform the feelings, beliefs and behaviours which contribute to low self esteem. It is our mission at The Empowered Woman Association to empower more and more women to fall completely in love with themselves and for those women to encourage other women to do the same.​We believe that when women come together to learn, grow and evolve into the esteemed, powerful, conscious loving version of themselves, and when we realise and understand how much power and potential we have, individually and collectively, the self love consciousness is then being raised. ​Raising self love consciousness will change so many lives as we believe that the way you feel about yourself determines how you show up in the world, how courageously you live, how you raise your children, and ultimately, how much inner peace and happiness you possess. ​Ladies, It's time to raise the standard we set for ourselves.
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