“Working with Sara these last few months has been life changing for me. She has the ability to take you into the depths of your mind and find those areas you chose to ignore. She then walks you into your soul and unlocks the true version of yourself. Sara shows you who you are underneath the layers of emotions and thoughts. The path to see yourself is bumpy and emotional but when you finally embrace you for you, the true you, its liberating. Sara helped me to see that I can easily heal myself from past trauma. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for doing what you do. You are so knowledgeable and you know exactly what tactic to use depending on how our conversations go. This is why you are here and you should be immensely proud of yourself. You have and will continue to empower women wherever you go.“

Gemma UK

We offer a pricing tier structure so you can choose which option which best suits the type of support you need right now

Low Tier Investment


"I cannot recommend Sara enough, She has given me the skills and empowered me to gain a greater insight into myself which will help me moving forward. She is an amazing woman, a superb guide, professional, kind, nurturing, encouraging, compassionate, non-judgemental, supportive …… the list goes on! If you’ve got yourself this far, don’t hesitate, reach out to Sara, you won’t regret it. As well as our hourly talks each week, she goes above and beyond, her voice notes are so inspirational and epic! I will always be so grateful for meeting her and how she has help me, my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. My story is evolving, and I look forward to the next chapters which I couldn’t have done without Sara. My thanks always”.

Corinne UK

Medium Tier Investment

£300- £2,000

High Tier Investment

“I cannot express enough gratitude for the transformative journey I've experienced with Sara as my life coach. When I first reached out, I felt lost in my own thoughts, and unable to see the way out I so desperately craved due to past traumas/experiences and the confines of my own muddled brain! Finding the right person for me to be vulnerable and open with was essential. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found Sara, whom I have grown to trust implicitly. Sara is not just a life coach; she is a beacon of compassion, relatability, and unwavering support. What she has done for me has surpassed my wildest expectations when I set out on this journey. Her ability to tailor sessions and respond to my unique needs, even switching things up on the spot to ensure I received exactly what I needed, sets her apart. What truly distinguishes Sara and something I really didn't anticipate is her commitment to providing ongoing support. Always going over and above to understand me and find ways to support me through messages, emails and insightful voice notes. She became an invaluable source of encouragement at moments that I really needed it. Once I got the hang of it, these became a lifeline between our sessions. Sara didn't stop there; she equipped me with resources and meaningful homework to ensure continuous growth and presence even between our scheduled meetings. Sara went above and beyond the call of duty, and my only regret is that our sessions are coming to an end. I wholeheartedly recommend Sara to anyone seeking self-improvement and personal growth. She has helped to unlock my creativity and work through negative thoughts, providing me with knowledge and tools to help me as I continue my journey. She is a shining example of incredible support on the journey of personal development, and I cannot thank her enough for the profound impact she has had on my life, so far.”

Donna UK


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