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Online Life Coaching which combines a beautiful blend of personal growth, self love, spirituality, and healing modalities to move you forward, into.. a more intentional, heart centred and empowered version of you.


"I choose to be loved in entirety, I choose to be accepted, I choose to be safe. I choose to be supported. I choose to be welcomed. I choose to be seen. I choose to be heard. I choose to be acknowledged for my endurance of my past, I choose to heal myself & to facilitate healing for others, openly & without shame. I now let the radiant truth of my soul reflect my recovering self worth, & ever deepening self-love back to me, and in all my relationships. Every relationship in my life responds to the positive change in my inner patterns.. I first carried beliefs that I was wrong, less-than & unworthy. I may have diminished my authentic, true, beautiful, empowered self, as as to not disturb the status quo, the time is here is to change these thoughts. I now create balanced, equal & growth-inspired relationships, I am safe, & joyous in my life and in my relationships,. I am truly cherished & welcomed, my giving & receiving are now in perfect equilibrium - & so it is"

Sophie Bashford

An Empowered Woman..

An Empowered Woman.. Is a woman who recognises that her uniqueness, her magic and her heart are what make her so precious, needed and valued in this world.

An Empowered Woman believes she is capable, independent, brave and positive, and even on those days where she doesn’t feel at her best, she reminds herself of her inherent, innate, and divine truth.

An Empowered Woman follows her heart, because she knows that staying true to herself is the biggest gift she can ever give herself,

but - she takes her head with her.

An Empowered Woman seeks to grow, heal and improve herself so that she can embody the most authentic, heart centred version of herself possible, so that she can bring the best version of herself to others - and the world, too.

An Empowered Woman does not seek validation from no one, or no thing, she loves & accepts herself for all that she is & all that she is yet to become. She refrains from judging herself when she makes mistakes, or gets things wrong, instead she shows herself self compassion and curiosity so that she can gain the wisdom she needs in order to evolve, learn and heal..

An Empowered Woman believes she is enough for him, for her, for that friend, for her family, but more importantly, for herself. She sees the magic in the world and she sees the magic in herself and others too, and so.. she walks boldly through life, with a little bit of fear, and a hint of doubt, but enough trust, courage and bravery to take up space.

An Empowered Woman - Is you.

You may have forgotten it for a short while, and that’s okay.. but you’re here now..

& now, It's time to remember who you are,

& who you came here to be

Are you finally ready to give yourself permission to take up space in this world?

“Working with Sara was amazing. She establishes a good relationship with you early on and I find I can trust her easily with personal things going on in my life. I found the materials all extremely useful and I have really managed to gain an insight into myself as a person and the pain and suffering I was going through for a very long time in my relationships. I feel I have now untapped those negative beliefs holding me back in my life and so I am now able to address these without fear or shame and move forward in my future relationships :) It's been a really eye-opening journey and so wonderful working with you Sara!”

Jena UK

We're so glad you found us..

This is the home of the Empowered Woman Association, and it is our mission to elevate the personal empowerment, growth and healing of woman on a global scale

We believe that when a woman embodies her personal power, when she holds herself in high esteem, when she is secure in who she is and what she has to offer this world, when she is clear on her values, standards, and what she wants, needs and desires,

she becomes a force that gives herself, and others permission, to fully step into their own power.

She becomes unstoppable in her pursuit of peace, unstoppable in her pursuit of happiness, and unstoppable in her pursuit of living a life of love, intention, expansion, growth, and heart centred purpose.

Wether you have recently left an unhealthy relationship which contributed to a lack of self worth and you want to heal in an empowered way, discover your identity and find yourself again, or wether low self esteem is affecting your life and stealing your peace, or if you are finding yourself at a crossroads in your life and you need support, guidance, tools and accountability to break you through to your next empowered level, then you have come to the right place.

We are here to help you.

Way's we can best support you..

1-1 Coaching Programs

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Use Hypnotherapy to remove subconscious limitations holding you back so that you can thrive!

Online Courses, Workshops & Masterclasses

Low cost courses, workshops and masterclasses in all areas of personal development, self love and healing

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When a relationship ends, it can be hard to know how to heal our hearts in a way that empowers us to embody wisdom, growth and an increased sense of self worthiness. This free guide was created with the woman in mind who want's to heal her heart in a way that empowers her to fall back in love with herself.

Download the Heal Your Heart Guide, to start your conscious and empowered healing journey..

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"So Sara has been working with me in the last few months. I don’t even know where to start, I absolutely love working with Sara. Sara is very knowledgeable, and very understanding and also very patient with me. Not only do I have calls with her once a week, she is available for me in the week too. I couldn’t go through breaking off my 16 years of marriage without her. She is showing me life from different perspectives. I am starting to feel strong again and signing up with Sara was the best thing I ever done for myself in the last 20 years. I thought I could cope by myself, but the truth is I just couldn’t. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone, she is worth it. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done and still doing for me."

Kinga UK

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